1st Confession


This morning I got my kids breakfast and cleaned them up before I even started to think about my coffee and breakfast. I already knew that I wanted to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee while watching the last hour of GMA. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! (Suprised?).

My son was complaining that his iPod (my old iPhone 3gs) wasn’t working and he needed help to play the one game. First of all he should not have had his iPod. We only give it to him on Sundays when we don’t want him to nap but have some quiet down time (he is only 3). I should have put it away after he went to bed but I forgot.

My daughter was frustrated with the blanket that was on the couch with me. As any 15 month old she assumes it automatically makes a fort for her to play in when she babbles and yells at it. When this didn’t happen she started to cry and throw a regular old temper tantrum. UGHHHH! Not the morning I was hoping for.

Now, I was angry that they weren’t playing in the playroom quietly and nicely like siblings should. You know, its quiet, they are saying nice words to each other and getting along so well that I just want to brag to everyone that my children are best friends and never fight. Nope that is not my children.

Finally, with only 5 minutes left of GMA I decided I needed some quiet and put on PBS for the kids. I still hadn’t had my coffee but I was able to suck down a bowl of oatmeal. I needed a moment to regroup. With both kids sitting in the living room I ran upstairs to get out of my pajamas, take my vitamins, and brush my teeth. I also grabbed the kids clothes for the day to get them dressed while they watch Curious George (it is so much easier to dress them while they are occupied by the TV screen). Before I headed down the stairs I took a huge deep breath and decided to restart my day.

First things first COFFEE!!!


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