Mother by day, Crafter by naptime


I have been absent for a very good reason (or so I think). I have been doing some sewing and DIY wall hanging projects. I absolutely love to create. It is the only time I feel I really let go and relax. I have completed 4 sewing projects in this time. I am almost done the 1 wall hanging project I am working on for my daughters room (I will show that to you when I am done with it). 

The first 2 projects I did are a 1st birthday present for my niece. I am so excited to give them to her! I made her magnetic letters for the refrigerator in the house and since she loves her dogs pillows so much I made her a floor cushion. Both of these projects I got from Pinterest. (shameless plug follow me on Pinterest) This is the link I used for the floor cushion. I loved this tutorial. It was so simple to follow and is definitely for a beginner sewer. I have a basic sewing machine and I really only do basic straight stitches on it.  The magnetic letters I got inspiration from two post on Pinterest and kinda went from there. Here are the two links that the post led me too and then I will give you my alterations: Post 1 this post really only talks about the magnetic board that was made to use the letters with but there are some nice close up shots of the letters and a link to the Etsy shop that she ordered the letters from. Post 2 is where I figured out what fabrics to use and the magnets that would work the best. What I did is a combination of the two posts. I liked the edges of the the first post because it would lead to less shredding of the fabric and not as complicated of a sewing project for me. I took random pieces of fabric that I had around from other projects and but a front and a back of all 26 letters and numbers 0-9. Then I cut felt/fleece for each letter and number to put in between each of the two outer fabrics. I sewed all three pieces together and left a small opening for the magnet (I didn’t want it getting attached to my sewing machine while I sewing). After the magnet was in I sewed up the last hole and I was done. It was time consuming but fairly simple to sew. 

The other 2 sewing projects I did were pillow covers for the pillows on our couch and curtains for the window above are sink. Both were so simple to sew and I did the pillow covers on a Thursday afternoon and the curtains in about 2 hours on a Saturday. Again I will give you my inspirations post and I will post pictures of these for you. Pillow covers are from this blog. These were so simple. They were easy to measure, cut and, sew. I am so in love with the color this has brought to our living room. Here is the finished product:  


The curtains were even easier because I bought a table cloth from Target that was on clearance to use. I hung them the way I did because of this post. I loved the simplicity of it and it just seemed fitting for a window that my children cannot reach. Since I used a table cloth most of the edges I didn’t have to even sew because they were already done for me. YAY! for making my life simpler. They turned out great and I am so excited to have a little more homeyness in my house. Sorry the picture is a little dark but you get the idea. 



I will post pictures of my niece’s birthday presents after I give them to her I don’t want her mother seeing them before the party. 


Frustrations, Anger, and Learning Patience


I get frustrated and angry very easily. It is something that I am working on. I don’t like to get frustrated or angry at my children, husband, or with others around me. When that happens I forget to think before I speak and I know I have said or will say something that is potentially very hurtful.

I am by no means a perfect mother. I get annoyed then frustrated then angry with my children on a daily basis. I continue to pray (and have always prayed) that God will give me patience. Getting frustrated then angry runs in my family. I have always been the one that wanted to break this cycle. I feel I am failing. Patience is a virtue and I will continue to work towards it and with the help and discipline from God I know one day I will get there. I have come so far already. I have learned to hold my tongue and fidget with my foot or fingers when I start to feel frustrated and annoyed. If I get annoyed with other drivers out on the road I sing the songs louder and remind myself that I don’t have to be on time to an appointment. I just have to arrive safely. But many areas are still a work in progress.

I have found this blog to help with my frustrations. This way I can get out all of the anger I have pent up. I read and re-read what I wrote and realized I was getting frustrated over something stupid.

I look at my children and realize that they are learning and I have to teach them with my actions and my words. I have seen that my almost 4 year old imitated everything I say and do. I don’t want him imitating my frustrations or anger. I also don’t want my children growing up to think that they always had an angry mommy. I am not angry, I love my children, and I do the best that I can for them.

So, for now I will continue to learn right along with my children about patience and how to be a person who is slow to anger. I pray my children learn it much faster than I do and teach me how it all works.